How can one get to heaven – how is one saved? Ephesians 2:4-10

In Paul’s letter to the faithful who live in Ephesus 2:4-10, he addresses this question and says that we are saved by grace through faith. But, Paul also points out in this letter that there is a unity of grace, faith and works for salvation – he makes it clear that we are not saved by doing good works alone, we are saved by grace through faith to do good works! St. John Chrysostom reinforces this by saying in his Homily on Ephesians 4.2.9, that we are saved for good works.

Anthony Coniaris confirms this in his book, Introducing the Orthodox Church where he writes that daily one has the choice to move closer to God or further away. According to Orthodox teachings, salvation is not a one time thing, that is static – it is dynamic where the person daily, even moment-to-moment, recommits themself toward moving closer to God. In the Orthodox church this is called the process of Theosis.

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