Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Tour

For many years, I was the Church Tour docent and provided tours of my home parish upon request from various religious/education institutions and during our annual Church festival. Many parishioners requested I prepare videos that could be used throughout the year to share with the community upon request.

Below are links to the videos that were prepared in 2012. One link for my 20 Minute Church Tour which provides a brief overview of the architecture and iconography of the church. Another link to my 50 Minute Church Tour which provides a very detailed explanation of the architecture and iconography. As years passed, I gave permission to the church to use my images and narrations in a Virtual Church Tour that was prepared for the updated Church Website in 2018. Those links are provided below.

Original 20 minute Church Tour (2012):

Original 50 minute Church Tour (2012):

Virtual Church Tour (2018):