Liturgics and Church History in the Orthodox Christian Faith.

Byzantine Priest Vestments explanation:

The Old Testament Priesthood as compared to the New Testament Priesthood:

The Incense Censer in an Orthodox Church:

Eastern Orthodox Christian Timeline with Brief Explanation of the Seven Great Ecumenical Councils:

Akathist Hymn prayers to the Mother of God and the Lord intoned Byzantine style in English and Greek:

The Lenten Triodion in the Orthodox Christian Church.

Theosis. An Orthodox Christian Perspective:

About the Holy Fathers of the Church and the First Ecumenical Council:

Why the term “Father” is used for a Priest in the Orthodox Christian Church:

Bible Translations:

What about the Byzantine Double-headed Eagle?

The word ‘Catholic’ translated to English in the Nicene Creed.

Pascha (Easter) date calculation for Orthodox Christians:

The Hymn of Kassiani:

Byzantine Church Architecture and Iconography:

Guide to creating a didactic (teaching) Divine Liturgy in your Home School or Parish.

The Christian Symbol of the Fish:

The Hours of the Orthodox Church: